Cragnea, Land of Giants

Final Moments

I always ran. When my former master found what I was doing I had to flee. I wonder how the others back home are doing. Do they still talk about me? I don’t suppose I’ll find out now.

When we met the drow in the cave we ran again. I knew those three, they were my friends. Maybe we could have helped them. Maybe not. They say you shouldn’t dwell on this things but I can’t help it.

One by one I witness those poor miners being cut down. My companions Ulric and Alton. I turn to escape before I stop myself. No, not this time. I draw my bow and fire, hitting my mark. I try to draw again but the beast turns towards me. He swings…

The world begins to grow dark. In the distance I hear Flynn taunting the beast. It won’t last long between him and Esteem. I smile. They’re a good group. I feel like if anyone can get to the bottom of this it’s them. I just wish I could have seen it through with them. They’ll be fine though, they’re strong.

I don’t know for certain where I will go from here. However I am certain of one thing.
I will not run.



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