Cragnea, Land of Giants

Origins: Elwyn Amell

“We were a proud people once. And someday we will be again.” Elwyn had lost count the number of times his father had spoken this words. In the old kingdom his father had been the captain of the king’s guard. Now he washed the dishes of his new masters. He had hoped to instruct his son in the ways of combat, swords and bows, but in their current circumstances limited this.

Elwyn however had been gaining other skills. One learns to be quiet serving giants and to be quick with one’s hands. How to remain unnoticed when crossing a room to silently fill your masters goblet. To many of the giants he served Elwyn was their best-treated servant simply by virtue of the fact most simply didn’t remember he was most of the time.

It had started simply enough. Elwyn’s mother had taken ill and needed medicine kept by their master. A small sleeping draught in his goblet and a visit to his stores and it was theirs. Then their neighbor broke his arm, his family couldn’t eat. Their healer needed bandages. Winter approached and the new slaves had no coats. Soon every slave in their settlement begin to whisper praises of their new hidden ally. To them, there was no way the giants could take this hope away from them. How Elwyn wishes they were right…



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