Capt. Flynn Parker

Human bard pirate


190 lb
medium build
blonde hair
brown eyes


Flynn was part of a crew of pirates that were brought in as mercenaries towards the end of the war when troops were running low. The giants navel presence was almost non-existent, but blockades served almost no purpose against a self sustaining landmass, so eventually these pirates transitioned into ground troops. Here they were out of their elements, and were eventually overrun and captured. Flynn has not seen any member of his crew since the last battle and he presumes them all dead.

His ship was the Dragon’s Jewel, which commonly raided the shores of Zaltan. His ship, along with many others were offered full pardon and a large bounty for their cooperation in the war.

Clearly, Flynn has never been paid.

Since none of Flynn’s crew seemed to be alive, he decided to label himself captain, with all the perks that come with. In the current situation, that would be zero perks. But if he ever gets off Cragnea, The Dragon’s Jewel had quite a reputation. And that reputation would then become Flynn’s to use and abuse.

Capt. Flynn Parker

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