Robert "Peg-Legged" Dreadfist

Former Captain of the Dragon's Jewel


A large man with a heavy build. Salt and pepper beard with black dreadlocks. Commanding attitude. Brash and loud, he’s used to getting what he wants.


Robert Dreadfist captained the Dragon’s Jewel. One of the most feared pirate ships across the Zaltan coast. His crew respected his skill. Even if they didn’t always get along with him, no one could question his results. But unfortunately, the crew of the Dragon’s Jewel had been getting into hot water recently with debts, and the recent raids had not been very fruitful. When Robert saw an opportunity to sign up his ship as a mercenary in the war, he volunteered in exchange for a hefty reward. Enough to fuel his crew’s excursions for many years to come.

Everything changed when the invasion begun. His ship was decimated and his crew destroyed. Robert managed to find a cave in the coast of Cragnea where he has been hiding out ever since, waiting for a chance at revenge.

Robert "Peg-Legged" Dreadfist

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