The capital of Cragnea. Cielotorre, meaning “Sky Tower”, is built into the side of an extremely tall mountain called Hell’s Reach.

The city is organized into 3 sections:

Slums: The lowest section of the city that sprawls out onto the fields below. These is entirely inhabited by slaves and other workers. The streets and walls are patrolled by ogres and smaller giants.

Cavern District: A huge network of caves in which most of the giants live. Only servants are permitted to enter this area of the capital.

The Spire: Somewhere within the cavern district lies the base of the incredibly tall tower that pierces through the mountain itself and past the clouds. The Spire is protected by powerful magics and absolutely no non-giants are permitted entrance. In fact, most giants are forbidden as well. It is said that The Spire leads to an entirely separate giant city in the sky where the most powerful and influential giants live.


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