Cragnea, Land of Giants


Ulrik the Half-Orc Barbarian

Our clan elders were not on the best terms with Zaltan, but we could not ignore the call of war. I enlisted in the allied forces with the goal of distinguishing myself in battle and returning to my village victorious. There were many good battles, but our numbers dwindled with each passing month. One night we were ambushed and overwhelmed. Most of our comrades were killed. Those that survived were taken prisoner. I was one of those “fortunate” souls.
The working conditions and treatment I received in the mines were horrible, and my sour attitude didn’t help. But I did as I was told because I witnessed the fate of those who didn’t. I nearly died when the mine caved in, but the giants must have really needed the shipment of ore that was to go out. I was rescued, only to be sent off to another mine.
There is no glory in being a slave. I want revenge for my fallen comrades and to return home, but not without the glory I desire. I’m not smart, but I know this can’t be done alone.



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